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Welcome To The 2019 Uvalde Honey Festival
June 14-15th 2019

Event Details

Uvalde, TX

Uvalde, TX sits at the Crossroads of America as Highway 83 and 90 intersect in our center, connecting the four corners of our massive country all on one small town. Uvalde was placed on the map as more than just a destination at the 1905 Worlds Fair in Paris, France as the blue ribbon winner for best honey. Thus, creating Uvalde's claim to fame as The Honey Capital of The World! The beautiful and mild flavored Huajillo honey is created from the flowering Huajillo plant and wild flowering brush of South Texas. Bee farmers from all over bring their hives to create the most tasty honey known, right here in Uvalde county.

Event History

The 2019 Uvalde Honey Festival will be a recreation of the one and only Honey Festival that coincided with the Blue Ribbon prize at the World's Fair in Paris, France in 1905. A festival of this kind has not been in place since 1905 and we celebrate the opportunity to highlight our amazing heritage and farming industry.

Event Highlights

From a hometown bake-off to a modern twist on a relay race (who doesn't love eating Honeybuns at the track?!) The Uvalde Honey festival will be full of great food, music, dance, crafts, bee and honey conservation education, fellowship, and celebration of our town heritage as the Honey Capital of the World!

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